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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 6, 2013 10:00am-11:00am PST

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license and registration please. what's this? uhh, it's my geico insurance id card, sir. it's digital, uh, pretty cool right? maybe. you know why i pulled you over today? because i'm a pig driving a convertible? tail light's out.. fix it. digital insurance id cards. just a click away with the geico mobile app. in china, a world's largest mall is now said to be a ghost town. it opened eight years ago. only a handful of the mall's 2300 retail spaces are occupied. it's twice as big as the biggest
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mall here in the u.s. and also has an indoor amusement park, canals and gondolas, quite the production. the problem is, this is a factory town. the people are are struggling to make ends meet and china is littered with ghost towns, these empty commercial spaces built during a speculative building boom. here's when is trending online. a new research paper is claiming mother teresa may not be as saintly as you think. academics from the university of montreal was satisfied with housing the poor in bad conditions even though she had access to a lot of funding. the researchers say she was more likely to pray for the sick, than ensure they got proper medical care. she won a noble prize and fast track to saint hood. cnn "news room" starts right now. -- captions by vitac --
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school closings, power outages, hundreds of flights canceled. a look at that winter storm causing delays along the east coast. then knives allowed. the tsa says e it is okay to bring knives on planes. we will explain why. and drones could be used to target americans with links to terror. how attorney general eric holder didn't rule this out as an extreme possibility. this morning, the dow hit another milestone topping 14,300 shortly after the opening bell. taking a quick look now at the dow, up 30 points. we will continue to monitor the markets throughout the day. and right now, a huge snowstorm is bearing down on parts of the mid-atlantic and the northeast. hundreds of thousands of people are already without power. you have flights that are grounded, schools that are
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closed for about a million students right now. the storm hit the midwest first. you can see the scene right here in minneapolis. this is the airport. they're normally pretty good at managing this stuff, but this was the rare occurrence of flight cancellations at the airport. and in chicago, records were smashed. the city got more than 9 inches of snow. that's actually the biggest one-day snowfall in chicago in 14 years. that however is is nothing compared to what it's bringing to parts of the northeast and aaron mcpipe is at dulles airport, not too far from where i am out in virginia. what kind of delays are you looking at there? >> reporter: well, actually, we are e not seeing many delays at all because many airlines canceled a number of flights yesterday. hundreds in fact and where i am at dulles, it's a big hub, so united's taken a big hit. they canceled about 700 flights
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yesterday in preparation. now, the snow team here, they've been kind of bored the last couple of years because as you know, we haven't gotten much snow in washington lately and i spoke to the airport operations manager, dana pitts, just a short time ago about what they're doing to stay open. >> we were getting down to bare pavement and that is our goal to provide a product no worse than wet. but because of that, we need to keep them moving because when you get a snowfall rate of an inch an hour, this is probably close to that. then you've got to get back where you started in order to keep it open. >> now, really, the international flights are what are taking precedence here. those are really high volume flights and we've seen a couple take off and land while we've been here for the past couple of hours. >> pretty unbelievable considering the snow we see coming down there. you're one tough cookie. thanks for that report. let's turn now to susan
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candiotti. she's in brick township, new jersey. a town still recovering from hurricane sandy. and new jersey isn't peblgtsed to really get hit by this snowstorm until later today. how are they preparing for it? is it different than other areas that haven't dealt with the hurricane storm sandy? >> well, of course, this area was hit hard by hurricane sandy and so they know they need to prepare this time, too. no one is saying the damage this time is going to be anywhere close to that. but they are expecting wind gusts of anywhere from 50 to 60 miles per hour tonight and by comparison, the waves, highest waves during sandy were maybe 40 miles an hour, but this time, 12 to 15-foot seas. so many houses have been destroyed or are heavily damaged.
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over here, the bay here and you see over my shoulder, we're talking about one of six seaside communities on the northern barrier islands. that includes seaside heights, toms river, includingining bric township. these areas are under a voluntary evacuation. i want to bring in the maybe. this is like a one-two punch for these people. >> yeah, from a psychological standpoint, it's tough. people are just getting over four months out from sandy and now we've got to go through what we consider a pretty big nor'easter. looks like it's going to be a three-day event. >> where you are standing now looks like you are expecting flooding. >> with the dune system, it's just a little bit more of a concern for us. >> thank you very much for joining us. again, they have trieded to beef you have the dunes as best they can, but everyone is bracing for like the mayor said, not a one night storm, a two-nighter. maybe 2 to 6 inches of snow to want and then into thursday,
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thursday night into friday. possibly 1 to 3 inches of snow. it's going to take a while to go through here. >> oh, my goodness and if you're living in the northeast, you're probably thinking enough already. pocket knives, hockey stick, golf clubs. what do they have in common? you'll be able to bring all these items and more on a plane. the transportation security administration is loosening its restrictions to bring u.s. airlines more up to speed with international guidelines. david matingly is at hartsfield jackson in atlanta. we hear the coalition of flight attendant unions is actually against this change. what are the airlines saying here? >> as you might expect, the pushback has been strong, particularly from the flight attendant's union. saying this will further endanger the lives of flight attendants and passengers. also hearing from the federal
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law enforcement officers association. they call this rolling back of some of the restrictions they have in place now dangerous, ill advises and foolish. what they're talking about is that the passengers will now be allowed in april to bring on certain types of sports equipment and certain types of knives and u.s. officials saying the tsa saying that is bringing that online, in line with what we see happening in other parts of the world, that this will be in line with international regulations. for instance, now, they're going to be allowing pocket knives to be brought on board. like this. and specifically, we're looking at blades that are going to be 2.5 inches in length or shorter. and a half inch in width or shorter. the one thing you cannot bring on when it comes to knives would be something like this. a knife where the blade actually locks and you have a handle on this. according to what tsa is saying,
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that these new regulations, while it looks like they're rolling some back, they say they're bringing them on line or in line with international regulations and that these changes will not endanger the safety of the aircraft. while we talked to some passengers today to get their reaction. here's what they have to say. >> i personally carry a knife like this in my pocket almost every day and i can't when i travel, which i'm fine with. i would prefer that they stay off airplanes. >> a swiss army knife can be used as a deadly weapon, so i'm not sure that would be a wise move. i'm not sure you're talking about hijacking, but it could be a danger to most passengers. >> i think it would be a -- sometimes, we have these small things in our bag that really help us out and they confiscate them then you have to buy new ones. >> so, some mixed reaction among passengers. most of the passengers i
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encountered today are not looking forward to the idea of things like this, like these small baseball bats, golf clubs, things like this, coming on board along with hockey sticks, ski poles, pool cues. >> i don't understand quite as a golfer, why you would need your 9 iron on the plane. is that something people have missed out taking on the airplane? >> well, and then they're only allowing you to bring two golf clubs on board, so i guess choose wisely depending on what kind of game you have planned and where you're going. >> interesting. that makes no sense. there's 14 clubs in a bag. very weird. we appreciate your report. there's never been a drone attack on american soil, but could it happen? the u.s. attorney general raised a few eyebrows today when he said maybe. >> as i laid out in a speech i gave northwestern university with regard to the use of these kinds of lethal forces, one of
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the critical things -- >> eric holder testifying today before the senate judiciary committee and was pressed to describe a sthar owe that would warn a drone strike in this country. he didn't rule it out and chris lawrence is our pentagon correspondent. how did this discussion even come up in the senate session today? >> because senators had big questions. specifically about this letter that eric holder sent to senator rand paul and in it, that's where he said it is possible to imagine some sort of catastrophic, imminent attack. some sort of attack in which the president may have to use lethal force here on u.s. soil against a u.s. citizen. a lot of senators had a lot of questions about that. and eric holder had to answer some of those this morning. >> the way in which you have described this person sitting at the cafe, not doing anything imminently, the use of lethal force would not be
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appropriate -- >> i find it remarkable that you still will not give an opinion on the constitutionality. let me move on to the next topic -- let me be clear. i thought i was saying no, all right. no. >> no. no. that's what eric holder kept saying in response to the question about whether this attack could be staged on an american say city in a cafe. he said no. it had to be some sort of imminent danger to the country. >> did he talk about any potential scenarios where he would consider a drone response to be appropriate? do we have a hypothetical sense? >> in the letter, he talked specifically, he referenced the attacks on pearl harbor. which i don't know if that necessarily makes sense. i don't know how targeting an american here would stop say a foreign nation from sending an air attack on the united states, but maybe perhaps what he also referenced was 9/11.
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the attacks on september 11th. saying that if there was sort of a catastrophic imminent attack on the united states, that the president would have these powers to sort of strike a u.s. citizen here on u.s. soil, which probably is going to be very shocking to a lot of americans who don't imagine the government would have that sort of authority. >> now, chris lawrence for us at the pentagon. thank you for that report and this whole issue arose because of demands of senator rand paul, who's currently on the floor of the senate, that he made to answer his questions about the right to use drones against americans on u.s. soil. he demanded these answers under the threat of filibustering the brennan nomination. he is now on the floor doing the actual filibuster. coming up this hour, fox news channel president has some choice words for president obama and vice president biden in a new book. then jodi arias spent two weeks on the witness stand answering very detailed
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fox news chief roger ailes isn't known to keep his opinions to himself. he has some choice words for president obama and vice president biden in the new book. howard is joining us from d.c. to talk about this. the biographer who wrote the book reportinging these comments while following ailes and said he called obama lazy. quote, obama's the one who never worked a day in his life. kind of referring to that ann romney criticism. he said he's lazy, but the media won't report that. you think president obama's lazy? is there anything to this? >> on the substance of it, i
10:18 am
don't think the president is laz lazy i think he works hard and takes fewer vacations than his predecessor, but there he goes again. he does intend to filter himself when he talks about politics. now, any other news channel would get in trouble for these comments, but this is not going to bother him. >> why do you think the biographer included these comments? >> because they might make news. it's interesting because there were two biographies coming out. this is the one with which he cooperated, gave him a lot of access and interviews. called the vice president biden as dumb as an ashtray. saying he likes joe biden. imagine if he didn't like him. the other book by gabe sherman of new york magazine is probably going to be more critical. but he was not given any access
10:19 am
to ailes or any of the folks at fox. >> has there been any ailes reaction, from his book? >> he has said things to me in the past that he hasn't backed away from. just a few weeks ago, he talked to the new republic and the fox news chief again talkinging about president obama, president obama tries to get the middle class to hate the rich, blacks to hate white. he tends to overstate things in the manner of a former political strategist, shall we say. it's rare for him to say well, i didn't mean to say that or i'm sorry. i'm not expecting that in this case. >> thanks for that, howie. coming up, president obama and republican senators, no, this is right. i am reading this correctly. they aring having a dinner date tonight. on the menu, spending cuts. will this help bring both sides together? plus, tours at the white house
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giffords returning to the very place she was shot in the head two years ago. seconds ago, giffords and her husband we are joining survivors. they just walked off stage during the commercial break and giffords has been urging lawmakers in washington to support expanded background checks for gun purchases. listen to what kelly had to say. >> gabby and i will gun owners. strong supporters of the semd amendment. i don't think you'll find somebody that's a stronger supporter of the second amendment. we own firearms for the same reasons many americans do. but this discussion is really not about the second amendment. it's about public safety and keeping guns out of the hands of the dangerously mentally ill and criminals. >> giffords also appears in a
10:24 am
new ad running in arizona and iowa that just hit the air waves yesterdays. giffords and kelly's group called americans for reasonable solutions paid for that ad and one group is trying to change the gun control debate by changing the language and culture around it. john vaughn told piers morgan the phrase gun safety should be used instead of gun control. >> culture is what makes things change and stick in america, so if you take gun control, which you brought up. control versus freedom. control is counterculture. it's not american. freedom is american. that is a bad, bad you know -- >> on twitter and stuff to the stuff they've been running, it's that word that really enflames the gun rights lobbyists. >> what they agree on is gun responsibility. >> and gun safety. most nra members do believe
10:25 am
strongly in gun safety. >> absolutely. so now, you can create something that's culturally consistent with people instead of fighting. you can't change culture that way. >> tonight, piers morgan will look at illegal gun sales. something that may me do a bit of a double take when it came across my e-mail because of some of president obama's harshest critics will be face to face with him at the dinner table. mr. obama extended an invitation to a group of republican senators. a move toward direct talks following those forced spending cuts. for more, we're joined by john king. john, the president has been criticize criticized in the past for not reaching out to members of congress socially. we're not just talking about republicans. we're even talking about democrats. this is a bit of a shift for him. is this the first time he's done this or just another photo opportunity? >> it's the first time he's done it on this scale. remember, he's had john mccain and lindsey graham for example
10:26 am
over to the white house recently to talk about immigration and they also did talk about this sequester. but the president's going to leave the white house, go to a hotel in washington, d.c. there will be more than a half a dozen republican senators there. the president extended the invitation. the republicans apparently came up with a list of who's going to attend. we'll see if they sequester the wine list or free throw the conversation. remember last week, the president was running around the country saying if the budget cuts went into effect -- we've seen in the last 24 hour, going to have dinner with republican senators tonight. going to go up to capitol hill next week and talk to republican senators on their turf. he's also going to go over to the house, republicans control the house of representatives. that's the president's biggest problem right now and he's going to meet with them as well. now, he's done these meetings in the past, but to have it happen so quickly, this quick pivot right after the argument over budget cuts tells you something and tells you somebody in the white house including the
10:27 am
president, decided the way we were doing this isn't going to work going forward. looks like this fight is going to drag on for a while and the president's trying to pull a circuit breaker and see if he can have a conversation with the other side. god forbid. >> it's fascinating because we heard him in november, my daughters are kind of getting older and don't want me around as much, so maybe i'm going to have more time on my hands to hang out with members of congress. we kind of watched for a few months and were thinking okay, is is this really going to happen? maybe it's happening now. but something else happening a t the white house is that tours have been canceled because of saf iing staffing reductions resulting from the four spending cuts. a congressman in texas thinks there's a better way. he's proposing a better way that would prevent the government from paying for the president's golf trips. obviously a bit of a dig there, john. >> it is. and again, as the president's trying, we'll see if it work, says he's going to have some
10:28 am
outreach to republicans. if they can start to have conversation, it's things like this that frankly, the republicans say the president didn't have to cancel those tours, but then to say we're going to say taxpayers can't fund the president's golf. the sequester idea was a gimmick. they needed to put something in a bill to score it, so they create this gimmick. now, you have a conservative congressman who doesn't have a great deal of influence, but he is a tea party favorite saying a ha, you won't pay for the president's golf because he's cutting white house tours. it's a funny conversation. it will light up the twitter verse. i'm sure conservative blogs love the idea. is it going solve any of the problems? no. conversation might start to solve the problems. so again, one of the reasons we got into this mess is a bunch of gimmicks. >> i will say, i don't think that louis gomer and president obama will be having dinner anytime soon.
10:29 am
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in just a few hours, the jury will pose questions to jodi arias. she admits she killeded her boyfriend in his arizona house, but says she did it in self-defense. arizona is one of few states that allow the jury to question the defendant. randi kaye breaks down the trial for us and some of these images are graphic. >> if you believe what jodi arias says on the stand, travis alexander told her marrying her would be like winning the wife lottery. >> had he ever proposed to you? >> yeah, he did over the phone once.
10:33 am
>> so, if their relationship was so good that even marriage was being discussed, how on earth did it get this bad? again, arias' defense team tried to prove it was all self-defense. she shared this story of past abuse of alexander choking her. >> at first, i tried clawing at his face, but then i couldn't do that. it didn't feel right to gouge his eyes out or something. >> citing examples like alexander tieing arias to the bed with rope. the defense tried to show alexander controlled her and when he wanted sex, he took it. >> would it be fair to say that he had an all access pass to your body? >> yes. >> and what about arias' failing memory the day alexander died? she has testified she shot alexander first and doesn't remember anything after that. here in court, her defense lawyer trieded to raise even the
10:34 am
slighte slightest doubt that it was arias who stabbed alexander nearly 30 times and sliced so deep his head was nearly cut off. >> do you have any memories of slashing mr. alexander's throat? >> no. >> when you were asked on cross-examination if you did that, do you recall telling us that you did? >> yes. >> was that a rek or logical assumption on your part? >> it was definitely not a recollection. >> what might have been arias' motive, was she perhaps driven to kill after finding out alexander had been seeing another woman? >> i certainly wasn't thrilled, no, i was devastated when i discovered that he wasn't being faithful to me. >> the defense was quick to point out arias knew alexander was cheating for some time, and still kept having sex with him. an attempt to show arias didn't
10:35 am
just snap on the day of the kiing. >> this is something you had a long standing knowledge of before june 4th of 2008, isn't that correct? >> yes. >> for the first time, arias told the jury she wishes she could turn back the clock and make some different decisions regarding alexander. she said he thought he needed help especially after she found him masturbating to a picture of a young boy. >> it was a startling event, was it not? >> yeah, it was very shocking. >> the prosecutor cast doubt on this claim by questioning why she didn't share such a shocking event in her journal. >> it was a highly negative event. it's not something i wished to remember. >> nor did she want to remember the day alexander died. >> the events of june 4th, 2008, do you want to remember those?
10:36 am
>> there's a part of me that doesn't ever want to remember it. i feel like i'm the person who deserves to sit with those memories. >> randi kaye, cnn, phoenix, arizona. >> and we will be bringing that perhaps pivotal moment live to you on cnn. the federal government says it will shut down 173 air traffic control towers. a result of those forced spending cuts. we'll tell you what this means for fliers. why don't you use bengay zero degrees? it's the one you store in the freezer. same medicated pain reliever used by physical therapists. that's chilly! [ male announcer ] bengay zero degrees. freeze and move on. there's a lot i had to do... watch my diet. stay active. start insulin... today, i learned there's something i don't have to do anymore. my doctor said that with novolog® flexpen, i don't have to use a syringe and a vial or carry a cooler.
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some airports are going to see their control towers shut down next month. the reason, those forced spending cuts you've been hearing so much about. aviation expert miles o'brien jo joins now via skype. i want to get your take on this because when i heard about this, i was wondering if we're talking about medium and small airports, is this going to affect
10:40 am
travelers or just maybe recreational pilots. >> mostly about general aviation. there are some scheduled airlines that fly into some of these airports that would be affected, but generally speaking, these are airports with less traffic. it's not like on the tower at hartsfield in atlanta or lax or jfk. these are airports that are on the smaller end of things. with less traffic, but having said that, they can get pretty busy. >> and obviously, you are a private pilot. you engage in recreational aviation. i know that a lot of these u smaller airports, sometimes, you hit a certain point in the day and the towers aren't manned any ways and you have pilots who are kind of self-announcing to other pilots over the air, if you will. i know i don't have this quite right, but is this going to compromise safety do you think or do you see more of that happening? >> always better to have another
10:41 am
set of eyes. when it gets busy, it's better to have somebody in the control tower, but you are correct. there are lot of airports that do not have control towers at all in the united states and there are some that have partially staffed towers. there are a series of rules pilots follow which basically amounts to an on air party line where you announce yourself a certain distance away, say hey, i'm in this plaend and i'm coming in. that's a simple way of describing how it works. generally speaking, it's pretty safe as long as pilots follow those rules and pay attention to where that other traffic is. it gets a little dicier at busier fields. in the end, this could have, could erode a little bit, the safety margins we have out there for general aviation. >> talk to us about the kind of human equation here.
10:42 am
most of these employees who will be affected aren't actually employed by the faa. they're contracted to do this work, right? >> actually hires a third party, another party to hire and staff these towers. it's a way of gets around some basically government hiring and union rules and saves the general public money in general by putting contract workers in these towers. as safe as an faa tower. >> miles o'brien, thanks for breaking it down. appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> first, yahoo! now, best buy. the retail company allowed nonstore employees to work from home and set flexible schedules, but not anymore. whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in.
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the number one golfer in the world, rory mcilroy, says he's feeling the heat. he suddenly walked off the course a few days ago in a match where he was the defending champion. everyone in the golf world is now wondering what's going on with this guy. today, mcilroy talked to reporters. he tried to explain himself and rachel nichols is here to tell us what he said.
10:46 am
>> for the first time since this happened, he was very honest, forthcoming and contrite. he needed to be. this shocked a lot of people when he just walked away. this is kind of the equivalent of a guy like peyton manning or tom brady going out on the football field, throwinging a bunch of bad passes and then walking off the field and saying, i don't want to play anymore. i have a tooth ache, which was the excuse he gave. he took responsibility for his actions and did he mind people that unlike brady or manning, he is mouch younger. only 23 and as he said, he's still learning how to handle all of this as he goes. >> it was a mistake and everyone makes mistakes and i'm learning from them and i guess for me, you know, some people have the i guess the pleasure of making mistakes in private. most of my mistakes are in the public eye, so you know, it's --
10:47 am
it is what it is and i regret what i did, but you know, it's over now and it won't happen again. >> now, at the time that rory did walk off the course, he said, he was saying he had wisdom tooth problems. he said today his teeth are just fine and that he will visit his dentist in belfast later in the year. he recently signed deal with nike, a huge deal. 20 to $25 million a year, but it also required him to change all of the clubs he played with. there's been questions, does that contribute to the play he's had. he also happens to be dating the very attractive tennis player, caroli caroli caroline wosnacki. he said don't worry, everyone,
10:48 am
they're doing just fine. >> i watched him that final day of the 2011 u.s. open at congressional country club not far from here. he creamed the competition and you saw this young guy just so sort of you could just, he's up and coming, but it's tough. he's so young and pressure makes people do some weird things. how much pressure is he understand? >> a tremendous amount. as you said, he had this tremendous year last year. really a prodigy. this irish kid. charming, working class family. great story. everybody loved him. o won a bunch of tournaments. world's number one ranking. that's a lot to suddenly change in your life. a lot of pressure to put on a kid that age and he's saying he's having some trouble adjusting. sports is a strange business, there's not a lot of other fields where you can be that young and be basically the head
10:49 am
of an entire industry. people are looking at him throughout sports in general to figure out what he's going to do, not just his personal life, who he's dating, what's he stand for all of a sudden. people are asking him his opinions on issues. it's a lot on a 23-year-old kid. >> he's a tremendous talent and certainly in the wake of the tiger woods fiasco, we hope he can manage to keep it together. thank you. last week, yahoo! caused a storm of controversy when the ceo banned tell commuting, but now, best buy is following suit. the company announced it is ending its own flexible work program. zane asher joining us now. now they're both reigning in their work from home policpolic. is this a sign this may sort of spill over? that other companies may do this as well? >> it looks as though on the surface, that yahoo! is setting
10:50 am
some kind of new trend. i spoke to best buy on the first day and they said they made this decision a month ago. they're ending their seven-year work from home policy. a spokesperson telling me quote, it's all hands on deck. that means having employees in the office as much possible to collaborate and connect on ways to improve our business. now, this marks a complete turn around for best buy. in 2005, it launched its so-called rowe policy. results only work environment. essentially allowed employees to work where ever they wanted, where ever they wanted, as long as they got their work done. didn't even need to ask their boss's permission. he made some changes. best buy isn't saying come to work, come to the office or else, so it's not quite as strict as yahoo!. they're saying some employees will still be able to work from
10:51 am
home, but they will have to get permission. we talked to jodi thompson, a former employee and now, the co-founder of culture rx. >> the whole conversation needs to change today about work. the workplace isn't our parent. we have a job because we need to deliver results and the conversations need to be about that. it doesn't need to be a paternalistic, i feel like a child. because i have to ask you permission. to live my life the way that makes sense. >> right, so people are saying this policy is outdated. best buy said this is exactly the reaction they expected given the outrage over yahoo!'s policy. >> there is a lot of discussion about that. thanks for this report. yesterday, we told you about a woman who was paid to have a baby for a couple and was asked to abort the child a new develo
10:52 am
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10:55 am
fine, halfway through the pregnancy they find abnormalities. the genetic parents wanted to abort, but the surrogate did not. what ended up happening was she went to another state, she went to michigan where she would be considered the legal mother and then she gave that baby up for adoption. >> it is a very beautiful baby, but obviously has some problems and we know that this woman has found some parents to take on this child and adopt this child. you just got off of the phone with the lawyer for the parents who hired the surrogate. what did they say to you? >> we have been trying to reach them for weeks and he didn't return our calls. he finally did get in touch with us today. he said he would not comment on this case. but he basically said surrogacies can be very challenging, emotionally, ethically and legally. >> and viewers are reacting to this. what are they saying, elizabeth? >> they are. we have gotten nearly 9,000 comments on this story. and let me read to you two of them that represent some of what people are feeling. for example, one reader says how dare she, meaning the surrogate,
10:56 am
enter a contract that says she'll carry out the wishes of the parents and then defy their wishes. but then another person said, another reader said, she didn't kill the child, that's enough for me to laud her, meaning again the surrogate. she's not perfect. but neither are the rest of us. and people really are in these two camps. they think the surrogate saved this child and they think the surrogate is a wonderful woman for doing this. other people say, look, she took off, went to another state with someone else's child. and people really have fall noon two pretty distinct camps on this. >> it really is a controversy and really makes people talk. elizabeth cohen for us, appreciate that. >> thanks. coming up, why now is the time to sell your home. i need y. i feel so alone. but you're not alone. i knew you'd come. like i could stay away. you know i can't do this without you. you'll never have to. you're always there for me. shh!
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